Egor Maslennikov's Tech Innovations: Strategic Expansion with a New Office in Dubai's Business Hub

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While facing legal challenges with "Park Manufactura" in Kharkov and progressing on the residential complex on Nauchnaya by dismantling cranes, Stroy City has strategically expanded its global footprint. Last week, under the vibrant banner of the Object 1 brand, the company proudly inaugurated a new office in the bustling heart of Dubai. This move not only signifies Stroy City's ambitious growth but also its commitment to broadening its international presence amidst ongoing projects and legal proceedings.

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Egor Maslennikov personally cut the ribbon of the new office and received guests.

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As previously reported, Stroy City has pivoted from its unfinished projects in Kharkiv and Kyiv to establish a thriving base in Dubai.

Excelling in their new environment, they have impressively ranked among the TOP 10 for sales within the burgeoning New Dubai district, specifically in the JVC area. Our upcoming articles will delve into the developments and projects currently underway by Stroy City, providing a closer look at the company's innovative contributions to Dubai's landscape.

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